You can download 1794 in kit form!

This page contains all the assets you’ll need to make your own copy (or five) of 1794 under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share Alike licence.

I used Moo.com to create the cards and stickers. You can do the same – a pack of 50 business cards and a book of 90 stickers costs less than £25 and is enough to assemble five sets. After that you just need access to an A3 printer (black and white is fine) and your own choice of case or business card holder.

10 cards

These PNGs are optimised for Moo.com’s Business Card product…

Grab the lot as a ZIP or PDF.

18 stickers

These PNGs are optimised for Moo.com’s Sticker product…

Grab the lot as a ZIP or PDF.

1 A3 sheet…

A PDF for you to print on double-sided A3 paper…

Side 1…

Side 2…

A business card holder

I got mine engraved with “1794” which cost a few pounds extra.

Beyond 1794

You are welcome to build on, or further reduce, 1794 so long as you credit me for the original work and link to 1794story.wordpress.com.

To the best of my knowledge all of the images used are in the public domain. You can download higher resolution copies of most of them from Wikimedia Commons.

If you want to maintain typographic consistency, you may need to buy your own licence for the lovely Linotype Didot Roman OsF. (For reasons of legibility the wp.me links contain one character of Palatino. I know it’s a horrible hack. Maybe you can find a better way.)

I’ve created 1794 as an experiment, and for the pure joy of making something, but if you think you know a way to make money from it, please contact me: mattedgar [at] me63 [dot] com.

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