1794 tells the story of one amazing year through the lives of eight men and one woman who all experienced it in life-changing ways. It’s my personal, partial and permanently unfinished version of history. It’s also an experiment in stripping the book down to its barest essentials, then adding some of the flexibility and remixability of the web.


Joseph Priestley

John Thelwall

Mary Wollstonecraft

Camille Desmoulins

Antoine Lavoisier

Jean-Marie-Joseph Coutelle

Claude Chappe

James Watt

Matthew Murray

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  1. This site, and the whole project , is absolutely beautiful. Have you read Hilary Mantel’s French revolution novel, A Place of Greater Safety? It’s fantastic.

  2. Thanks. I have bought Hilary Mantel’s book but not yet read it. Typically in my household I read the non-fiction and my wife reads the fiction so there’s a demarcation issue when it comes to historical novels. Also I think we’re both daunted by the weight of the thing. Obviously very relevant to Camille Desmoulins and Paris of 1794!

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